We strongly believe that a better tomorrow is built of wood. The certificates granted to our company and the related external control are proof of the environmental responsibility we carry. For our company, sustainable development is a value which guides the direction of our operations in every sub-area.

PEFC certificate authenticates the origin of the wood

The proof of origin of wood certificate, PEFC, guarantees the environmental friendliness of wood raw material for the entire production and delivery chain.   PEFC certification is based on the control of an external, independent third party.   The certificate which forest certification granted to us for sustainable forest management is based on three things:
1. Published requirements regarding forest management
2. Requirements related to the journey of certified wood raw material into wood products
3. Control of the fulfilment of the requirements and the stamp attached to the wood product
Source: PEFC Finland
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The Thermowood® trademark helps you identify a specialist in heat treatment

The Thermowood® trademark helps you identify wood products manufactured with a method developed in Finland. Due to their improved decay resistant properties the products are well suited for use in objects exposed to weather conditions.   Use in interior decoration is supported by the beautiful, hardwood-style look and feel and the dimensional stability of the product.
Source: Lämpöpuuyhdistys ry
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The KOMO certificate guarantees the quality and durability of our products

According to the KOMO certificate granted by Dutch SKH, the decay and weather resistance of the wood heat treated by us are considerably improved.
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