Thermally modified wood is a beautiful and durable material for façades. Finnish pine and spruce are well suited for façade material of buildings.

We deliver thermally modified wood for further processing and as finished products planed and processed to the profiles requested by the customer. Several planing mills in Central Europe are producing façade material from thermally modified wood delivered by us.

When making façade material, we recommend that either a fine-sawn surface or micro surface be used. Façade material can be either treated or the surface treatment can be omitted once the material is mounted. Untreated façades quickly become lighter in colour and turn grey due to the impact of UV radiation. The surface treatment is decided upon depending on the application. The aim in several applications has been to achieve the “new old” look for the façade with our products, which are characterised by their good weather and decay resistance. Please ask for more information about surface treatment products from the specialists in the field.

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SWM-Wood external cladding products, Thermo-D

SWM UTV 19×92/118/140
Lengths 1.8 – 5.4 m

SWM UTS 19×92/118/140
Lengths 1.8 – 5.4 m

SWM UTK 19×92/118/140
Lengths 1.8 – 5.4 m

SWM Dutch 19×118/140
Lengths 1.8 – 5.4 m

SWM garden 70° 42×42/28
Lengths 1.8 – 4.8 m

SWM garden 60° 26×68
Lengths 1.8 – 4.8 m

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