Thermally modified wood is well suited for saunas and decoration. The focal benefits of thermally modified wood in interior decoration include significantly improved dimensional stability, hygiene, moisture resistance, and a finished surface. The colour alteration caused by heat treatment creates a distinguished, hardwood-like appearance.

Pino Premio sauna products

For sauna builders, thermally modified wood is one of the most important decoration materials. The Pino Premio products we manufacture are made of heat-treated radiata pine.
The benefits of radiata pine in a sauna include absence of knots and resin, a beautiful warm colour, lower thermal conductivity and – when properly looked after – durability.

Interior cladding panels

The reduced moisture-related dimensional instability is also a benefit of heat-treated panels used in decoration. Thermally modified wood provides a good basis for various surface treatments.

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SWM-Wood sauna and interior decoration products Thermo-D

Pino Premio sauna bench
26×140 / 26×185

Pino Premio panel STP 18×185

Pino Premio panel STS 18×185

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