When gluing Thermowood® the special instructions from the manufacturer of the glue used must always be followed. The best gluing results are achieved by following of the various glue manufacturers’ recommendations.

Examples of glues suitable for gluing heat-treated wood are 1- and 2-component PVAc glues, 1- and 2-component polyurethane glues (PU), resorcinol-phenolic glue (RP) and emulsion polymer isocyanate glue (EPI).

Gluability depends on the treatment category applied in the heat treatment. The application of higher heat-treatment intensities has the effect of reducing the shear strength of the glued seam. The glued seam disintegrates along woody tissue, not along the actual glued seam. The heat-treatment process affects the water binding ability in woody tissue and the absorption of glue and water into the wood slows down.